The Ring Films: American vs. Japanese vs. Korean Version

#132 – The Ring: American vs Japanese vs Korean version

In this episode of the podcast, prepare for war as Karri, Henrik, and Zach examine a battle royale of the original Japanese film Ringu, the American remake The Ring, and the Korean remake The Ring Virus. Three will enter, but only one win. One Ring Film To Rule Them All.

Films covered in this episode:

  • Ringu (Japan, 1998)
  • The Ring Virus (South Korea, 1999)
  • The Ring (USA, 2002)

Hosted by Karri Ojala, Henrik Telkki, and Zachary Pen. Edited by Karri Ojala. 

The Flick Lab theme tune written and performed by Nick Grivell and Karri Ojala.

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