#184 – Healing Plan With Actress Matilde Silva and Director Samantha Joia

The Flick Lab podcast recently had the pleasure of watching ‘Healing Plan’, a short film by two recent NYU graduates. Actress Matilde Silva and Director Samantha Joia joined us to discuss their new film. Luna, a Portuguese teen struggling with insomnia and her recent move to America, is sent to a celebrity doctor to help cope with her adjustment. His revolutionary sleep therapy brings her back to the beginning of her move and several of the struggles she has faced since. But his “healing plan” has some devastating drawbacks she is not quite ready to face. 

The film infuses dream-like states, dramatic lighting sequences and revolves around the important topic of the potential drawbacks of cultural assimilation and the effects of social media. Among the podcast discussion points are also the risky nature of film industry, the importance of passion and atmosphere at the set, pastel de nata, and other topics.

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Healing Plan

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