#175 – All Quiet on the Western Front 3-Version Comparison

In this episode of the podcast, the Lab has a discussion on “All Quiet on the Western Front,” the story of timeless impact; a renowned German novel that has inspired three film adaptations. There is the Academy Awards-winning 1930 film, celebrated as a monumental incarnation of the story; the praised 1979 TV movie, which garnered accolades like the Golden Globe and Emmy; and the 2022 Netflix adaptation, with four Academy Awards to its credit. Karri and Henrik debate and decide which adaptation truly deserves the highest praise, exploring the essence and artistry behind each portrayal.

Films covered in this episode:

All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
All Quiet on the Western Front (1979)
All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)

Hosted by Karri Ojala and Henrik Telkki. Edited by Karri Ojala. The Flick Lab theme tune written and performed by Nick Grivell.

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