#93 – No Man’s Land (2001) (Ničija zemlja)

No Man’s Land throws the audience in the middle of the peak Bosnian War and tells the story of Nino and Ciki, soldiers from opposing sides, who get stuck in the no man’s land.

Our guest Daniel Tarade was born in Bosnia and lives now in Toronto, Ontario.

Back in episode #29 the podcast looked at the Serbian anti-war film Pretty Village, Pretty Flame and now to balance it out we take a look at the anti-war Bosnian film No Man’s Land.

Daniel Tarade and Matt Steckle’s blog page: lifetypestuff.com

Ničija zemlja (2001). Directed by Danis Tanović. Starring Branko Đurić, Rene Bitorajac, Filip Šovagović, Katrin Cartlidge, Georges Siatidis.

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Hosted by Karri Ojala and Henrik Telkki. Guest Daniel Tarade. Edit by Karri Ojala. The Flick Lab theme tune by Nick Grivell.

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